Anabel Pelham, Ph.D. is president of the National Association of Professional Gerontologists (NAPG) and professor and founding director of the Gerontology Program at San Francisco State University. Dr. Pelham became a Professor Emerti in the fall of 2013. Dr. Pelham is Founding Director of the Center for Age-Friendly Excellence (CAFÉ) a project of the Los Altos Community Foundation and a member of the Foundation's Board of Directors. Dr. Pelham is a member of the Los Altos Women's Caucus and an active participant of Los Altos Forward (LAF).

Dr. Pelham has expertise in global issues in aging and gerontology, Age-Friendly Cities and community development, community-based health and human services, qualitative research methods, graduate gerontology curriculum development, geriatric care management, life-long learning, and credentialing and accreditation in the field of gerontology. Dr. Pelham has lectured and taught for several years internationally and in the former European Masters in Gerontology (EuMaG) Summer School in multiple countries around the world. Dr. Pelham's current interests are: creating Age-Friendly Cities and communities, professionalizing the discipline of Gerontology and compassion as a core value in aging.

Dr. Pelham is past president of the California Council on Gerontology and Geriatrics (CCGG) and is an active member of GSA, CAG, IAGG and serves on the AGHE's Global Aging Committee. Dr. Pelham is former Chair of the Senior Commission for the City of Los Altos, where she led the successful initiative to make Los Altos and Los Altos Hills the first Age-Friendly (City and Town) in California. She is a member of the Advisory Council of Grupo Dabvsa, Mexico.